Management & organisation

Participation Bodies

Client teaching hospitals

The Client Academic Hospitals (CRAZ) is the official representative body of patients (each of) the eight university medical centers (UMC's). Together they have a clients. CRAZ act in accordance with the participation Clients of Care Institutions Act (WMCZ) and CRAZ regulations.
CRAZ shall ensure that the boards of directors of the eight UMC's keeping the interests of patients in the good eye. This makes the CRAZ by combining signals from clients and translate towards the UMC and through review of policies, procedures, and information from the perspective of the patient (and his family). Administrative From the CRAZ there are two 'focus person' who regularly consult with the Board of Directors of the Maastricht UMC +. This attention people are closely involved in the Maastricht UMC +. Also visit the website of the CRAZ .


The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) is chosen by the students and staff representative body. The Faculty may be solicited and unsolicited advice to the board of the faculty. Furthermore, the Board a right of consent with respect to a number of faculty matters prescribed. The Faculty FHML council consists of 18 members; 6 representatives from the academic staff, 3 from the support staff and nine members elected by and from students FHML.


The Works (OR) of the Maastricht UMC + represents the (collective) interests of the employees, but looses the company's interests are not overlooked. The OR is concerned with hospital-wide and strategic issues, and provides solicited and unsolicited advice. For the treatment of certain issues, the Works Council standing committees, namely the Committee on Social Policy, the Committee on Safety, Health, Welfare & Environment, the Finance Committee and Strategy, the Commission Communication, the Election Commission and the agenda. The Works Council has 21 members. The term of office is four years.
In addition to the works on a local level, there are so-called Section Committees (OCs) are established. Are expected to have a positive critically influence the affairs of their department. The OC members Each RVE (profit center), Directorate staff and service staff where more than 50 people work, has its own OC. The term of the OC members is four years.

Annual Report 2013 OR


The Staff Assembly is formed by the medical staff. The purpose of the Staff Assembly is, within the framework of the objectives of the hospital, ensuring the best possible medical treatment and care of patients and enabling education and scientific research in the Maastricht UMC +.

Nursing Advisory Council (VAR)

The VAR is an independent advisory body, by and for nurses. In this way, the influence of the nursing profession in the nursing policy mainly content increases within the institution. The VAR requested from a nursing perspective and professional content and unsolicited advice. The purpose of the recommendations is to improve and ensure the quality and safety of nursing care within a continuous learning organization.
The VAR participates in the Regional VAR Limburg where all nursing advisory boards of hospitals in Limburg are represented. Thus, contacts are made ​​with nurses in other hospitals and knowledge exchange. Also expands nationwide network out through LinkedIn and nationwide VAR network days.